Our Story

Company Overview

At Troop Homes, we bring together decades of construction experience with a strong pedigree in remodeling, rehabbing and fine custom home building. Our team’s shared experience is a key differentiator for our business and provides us a unique opportunity to engage and interact with clients and homeowners.

Our CEO, Jason Ous, has also spent almost a decade in the financial sector of the Real Estate industry. Through this experience, he has built a deep and thoughtful understanding of home characteristics as they relate not only to quality of living, but even more so how they relate to and drive home values in the real-world housing market. This allows us to provide a level of direction and insight to help homeowners maximize their remodeling and new-build investments with a level of efficiency and return rarely seen in the construction space.

Mission & Passion

The core of our business is to execute thoughtful and time-tested practices that produce best-in-class outcomes. Over the years, we have developed close and trusted relationships with sub-contracting partners who align with our dedication, values and vision. This has allowed us to create an extremely controlled process with regard to quality, timeliness and value. This ensures client expectations are most often exceeded, and drives a positive experience for everyone involved throughout the entire project.

We engage our clients with a partnership approach in all aspects of construction, and our varied experience aligns us with almost every project type. We work with a wide variety of clients including first time custom home builders, first time remodelers, as well as professional investors and other deeply experienced parties seeking to expand their real estate portfolios.

We are privileged to have clients with great ideas and aspirations as we strive to either turn those ideas into a reality, or streamline a strategy to ensure cost controls best suit both budget as well as the vision. We look forward to hearing about your goals and would love the opportunity to provide you with a finished project that exceeds your expectations.